Why Our Management?

Image of Management Service
Professional consultants with knowledge of compliance

In the UK, a landlord’s duty is meticulously defined by the law. One thing we are proud of at Relo Redac Strattons is the high level of legal expertise our consultants have. We can provide you with the kind of precise support that ensures you will not have to deal with legislative problems or be put at any disadvantage under the UK Housing Act, which regulates individual private lettings.

Fast, high-quality service

A delayed response to problems such as leaks and central heating malfunctions are likely to cause a tenant anxiety and could result in further complications. We believe in responding to every problem in a swift and satisfactory manner.

Appropriate advice from property management experts

We have a long and accomplished record in property management, and that is why we have a solid understanding of the most frequent problems that occur and the most common requests made by tenants. These things, naturally, differ from property to property and tenant to tenant. Relo Redac Strattons offers the most appropriate advice for your particular situation in order to produce the best possible outcome.