Why Use Us?

Our extensive Lettings Service

Relo Redac Strattons is committed to finding reliable and trustworthy tenants for your property and offer either :

  1. Lettings & Rent Processing Service or
  2. Full Management service.

We have numerous prospective tenants registered within UK or from around the world; a network which is supported by over 35 years experience. We have a dedicated Corporate Sales departments conducting our daily marketing by visiting and contacting HR department of International Companies or Relocation agents in the UK. That’s why we have International corporations come to us with quality expatriate tenants because we can offer constant communication assistance where other agents might lose interest after the initial let. We continue to offer support where we can and help to maintain good communication between you and your tenant. Relo Redac Strattons' Lettings Team has skills and expertise accumulated through years of extensive experience; we are confident of our ability to provide the best service in any situation.

The widest marketing of your property

  • Exclusive executive property lists distributed through our International Corporate Service department for International Companies, Embassies & Relocation agents
  • Property websites: Relo Redac Strattons Website / Find a property / Prime Location / Zoopla / Lonres / Rightmove
  • Local newspapers and magazines: London Property News for North West & Central
  • Relo Redac Strattons Lifestyle magazine “Sumu”
  • Attractive window displays
  • “Let by” boards
  • Full colour property particulars

Professional consultants with high levels of expertise

One of the major strengths of Relo Redac Strattons is our highly professional and accomplished staff. We only employ those who have met our strict requirements with regard to not only experience in and expert knowledge of the property industry, but also business manner, personality and understanding of others. The expertise of our consultants is especially important in lettings, which requires compliance with a number of laws. The Relo Redac Strattons Lettings Team has been operating for over 35 years, and with skills and know-how accumulated through such extensive experience, we are confident in our ability to provide the best service in any situation.

Our professional Tenancy Agreement

We use our expert knowledge and understanding of UK lettings laws to create our very own tenancy agreement for our individual (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) or company lets (Common Law Tenancy). This is drafted through our solicitors, and is a fair and balanced contract that takes the requirements of both parties into consideration. Because the contract is legally binding, we make sure that everything is in order, with no room for uncertainty.

Compliance with Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme

Your tenant deposit MUST be safeguarded by a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme Under the Tenancy Deposit Protection legislation introduced on 6th April 2007, all deposits for Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST) must be registered with an approved scheme.

Relo Redac Strattons is a member of My|Deposits run by The Dispute Service Ltd.

We will be holding your tenants deposit to comply with current Legislation and the deposit will be registered with and protected by My|Deposits. The protection will commence 30 days from the date we receive the deposit as cleared funds. You will be provided with comprehensive information on the scheme administrator and what to expect at the end of the tenancy.

Complete assistance of communication between tenant and landlord throughout the tenancy

The relationship between a tenant and a landlord is important. You could say that smooth communication between the two can significantly make both of their lives easier. There have been cases of tenants, particularly those who are not fluent in English, who have found themselves completely at the mercy of their landlords because of their inability to demand their legal rights or convey exactly what they want to say. To prevent anything like this from happening, Relo Redac Strattons consultants can mediate between the two parties in all matters that may arise throughout the tenancy. We offer both language and cultural support in a variety of languages, including all major European languages, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Persian.

Assistance with communication between tenant and landlord throughout the tenancy

The relationship between a tenant and a landlord is of the utmost importance. Smooth communication between the two makes both lives easier. Relo Redac Strattons consultants can, where required, mediate between the two parties in any matter that arises throughout the tenancy. Both tenant and Landlord can feel confident that we will do our best to ensure that problems are solved as quickly and smoothly as possible. We offer both language and cultural support in all major European languages, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Persian.