Type of renting

(Managed and Non-Managed)
Managed Property diagram of manage property

Property Care - whose responsibility?

The agent takes care of the property on behalf of the Landlord. This occurs, for example, when the Landlord lives abroad, has a number of properties, or is too busy to ensure the upkeep of maintenance themselves.

Maintence (contact point) - Agent/Maintenance Department

Relo Redac Strattons have a dedicated Management department which deals with any issues that arise during the tenancy, on behalf of the Landlord. We have our own contractors and an in house handy caretaker who can resolve small matters quickly.


A fully managed property is quite uncommon in the UK, but the most ideal for the Tenant. In Relo Redac Strattons, 15% of our properties are managed.

Non-Managed Property diagram of non-managed property

Property Care - whose responsibility?

If the property is not managed by the Agent, property care is the responsibility of the Landlord.

Maintence (contact point) - Landlord/specified contractor

The Landlord will have their own choice of contractors, plumbers etc and if there is a problem the tenant should contact either the Landlord or the contractor directly. By law, we are not allowed to arrange anything on behalf of the Landlord if the property is not managed.


Non-managed properties are the most common type in the UK. 85% of Relo Redac Strattons properties are non-managed. As part of our service, Relo Redac Strattons are happy to assist should any difficulties in communication arise. However, it allows for the Landlord and tenant to communicate directly and build a good relationship.

Other/Shared Deal diaglam of shared deal property

Property Care - whose responsibility?

Other/Shared Deal means that a third party has been instructed as well as Relo Redac Strattons. This could be a private management company, another agent or a Landlord's representative.

Maintence (contact point) - Private Management company/Other Agent

The Tenant must contact the specified company or agent, who will then either resolve the problem or contact the Landlord for arrangements.


A Shared Deal is not the ideal choice for Relo Redac Strattons as it usually means we are not in direct contact with the Landlord. However, in the current market and with the lack of properties available, it does occur from time to time. Again, as with non-managed properties, we will do our best to assist should a problem arise.