Selecting your property

Image of Selecting rental property


All properties we offer are 'let as seen' unless specifically agreed in writing prior to the commencement of the tenancy. When viewing a property, especially if the tenant has not vacated, it is important to establish whether specific items are included. If you have any concerns please talk to the Relo Redac Strattons consultant who accompanies you to the viewing.

Weekly Rent & Monthly Rent

Although rent is usually quoted as weekly, it is payable monthly or quarterly (depending on the terms of the tenancy agreement). The table below will give you an idea of rent calculations:

1 year consists of 52 weeks
Weekly Rent x 52 weeks = Annual Rent.
Annual Rent divided by 12 Months = Monthly Rent

Weekly Monthly
£200pw £867pcm
£250pw £1083pcm
£300pw £1300pcm
£400pw £1733pcm
Weekly Monthly
£450pw £1950pcm
£500pw £2167pcm
£550pw £2382pcm
£600pw £2600pcm

Holding Deposit

When you have found a suitable property we will provide you with an application form and you will need to pay a holding deposit (usually two week's rent) to indicate your commitment. This deposit is refundable only if the Landlord does not accept your offer. However, if you change your mind and withdraw your offer, the holding deposit is not refundable. Please make sure you sign our Holding Deposit letter and sign the receipt. If this has not been signed we will not proceed with your offer.


You will be required to provide financial, employer or trade references and where possible previous landlords reference/s. The Landlord may request a reference check via an independent third party Credit Referencing Agency. This cost is borne by the applicant/s and is non-refundable. Please ensure that the application form is completed in full and the information provided is as accurate as possible in order to prevent unnecessary delays. A Guarantor may be required if you are new to the UK or cannot provide sufficient proof of UK income. The Reference Fee covers one Guarantor check. If you require two Guarantors, two fees will apply.

Tenancy Agreement

Subject to the Landlord accepting your offer, we will draw the appropriate Tenancy Agreement for your tenancy: If you are an individual(s) and the rent does not exceed £100,000 per annum, we will draft an "Assured Shorthold Tenancy" agreement.

If you are an expatriate, and your company will be the Tenant and you will be the occupier of the property, we will draw a "Common Law Tenancy" agreement.

The Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document which forms a contract between the Landlord and Tenant. It sets out the terms of the tenancy including the rent, deposit, duration, Landlord & Tenant's obligations, any break clause and so on. If you have any questions, please consult your JAC representative. You may also wish to obtain independent legal advice.

**Break Clause** It may possible to negotiate an optional Break Clause into the Tenancy Agreement. This allows for the tenancy to be terminated prior to its expiry provided sufficient notice is given by the Tenant or Landlord. Please ensure you are aware of any such clause in your Tenancy Agreement and the specific terms.

Before you move in

Funds required prior to moving into the property

Viewing Properties £0 No Charge
Putting an Offer on a property 2 weeks rent (Holding deposit - Not refundable if you change your mind.)
Reference Fee £60 inc. VAT per person(If credit referencing agency has been used)
Administration Fee (Contracts) £180 inc.VAT (For drawing the Tenancy Agreements and exchanging the contracts)
1 month rent in advance 1 month rent (This is subject to the Tenancy Agreement and exchanging the contracts)
Deposit(Incl. holding deposit) 6 weeks rent (This is subject to the Tenancy Agreement, there are some exceptions)
Inventory** (if applicable) £ various (Please check with consultant)

** It is our standard practice that the Inventory List compilation and Check-In costs will be borne by the Landlord. The Tenant pays the Check-Out Inventory fee. This is subject to the terms of the Tenancy Agreement - please ensure you are aware of the terms of your Tenancy Agreement in this regard. The Landlord and Tenant may choose to split the costs so half is paid by each party at the start and end of the tenancy.

Tenancy Deposit

Individual Let
(Relo Redac Strattons is a member of "My|Deposits")
Your deposit will be safeguarded by the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme
Under the Tenancy Deposit Protection legislation introduced on 6th April 2007, all deposits for Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST) must be registered with an approved scheme. Relo Redac Strattons is a member of My|Deposits run by The Dispute Service Ltd. Image Relax My DepositAny tenancy for which Relo Redac Strattons holds the deposit will be registered with and protected by My|Deposits. The protection will commence 30 days from the date we receive the deposit as cleared funds. You will be provided with comprehensive information on the scheme administrator and what to expect at the end of the tenancy.

Company Let or Common Law Tenancy
For Company or Individual Lets where the rent exceeds £100,000 p.a, the deposit may be held by Relo Redac Strattons as Stakeholder, by a company solicitor or by the landlord. Please ask the consultant to confirm who will be holding your deposit.

Please note that the deposit is held against any damages, non-payment of rent or other expenses that may arise during your tenancy. The deposit will be returned to you subject to contract after you vacate the property and all rent is paid up to date.
Please note that the deposit is NOT to be used as payment of the final month's rent.


An inventory of contents will normally be prepared before taking occupation. On the day, an inventory clerk will check the inventory and prepare a Check-in Report and Schedule of Condition which you will be required to sign.

A copy of the inventory and Schedule of Condition will be sent to you shortly after you move in. Once received, please keep it safe, as it will be referred to when you vacate. It is important that you check the inventory and Schedule of Condition carefully, as this document together with your tenancy agreement will form the basis of any damages claims by your landlord at the end of the tenancy.

Please advise us or the landlord of any discrepancies in writing within seven days of moving in so as to avoid any later disputes.

Meter readings for all relevant services (electricity, gas and water) will be taken at check-in and noted on the Schedule of Condition. The cost of compiling the inventory list is usually borne by the landlord. The charges for carrying out the inventory check-in and check-out are ordinarily shared between landlord and tenant; where one party pays the check-in, Image Keythe other pays the check-out fee. There are some exceptions, but these will be specified in the Tenancy Agreement.


You will need to inform the utility companies together with the council tax office of your moving in. Please note that you must also notify television licensing and the telephone supplier of the commencement of your tenancy at the property.