Moving into your new home

Once you and your new Landlord have signed and exchanged the relevant Tenancy documents, you are one step closer to being able to move into your new home. Once your moving in date has been set, Relo Redac Strattons or your new Landlord will organise an inventory check in.

Relevant payments such as your deposit and (usually) one months’ rent have to be paid in advance and be received as cleared funds in our account prior to moving in. If your payment does not reach our account by your moving in date, you will not be allowed to move into the property.

The day your tenancy commences or on the day you move in, a pre-organised inventory check in will be conducted to assess the condition of the property. Please ensure you will be fully available to attend this.

Advance payment

Once your references are approved by your new Landlord, we will prepare your Tenancy Agreement and specify what has to be paid in advance before you move into your new home. This is usually your deposit and one months’ rent. These payments must be cleared into our account, otherwise the keys to the property will not be released, even if you and your new Landlord have signed and exchanged the Tenancy Agreement. Accordingly, please be sure to transfer or pay the monies well in advance. Outlined below is the usual length of time required to transfer funds:

  • Local Bank Transfer - 3 working days
  • Credit/Debit Card - 3 working days
  • Cheque - 5-6 working days
  • Overseas Bank Transfer - 1-2 weeks (Please confirm with the bank)
  • CHAPS TRANSFER - Immediate (Charges may be incurred)


An inventory of contents will normally be prepared before occupancy. On the day, an inventory clerk or your landlord will check the inventory and prepare a Check-in Report and Schedule of Condition which you will be required to sign.

A copy of the inventory and Schedule of Condition will be sent to you shortly after you move in. Once received, please keep it safe, as it will be referred to when you vacate the property. It is important that you check the inventory and Schedule of Condition carefully, as this document together with your Tenancy Agreement will form the basis of any damages claims by your landlord at the end of the tenancy.

Please advise us or the landlord of any discrepancies in writing within seven days of moving in so as to avoid any later disputes. Meter readings for all relevant services (electricity, gas and water) will be taken at check-in and noted on the Schedule of Condition (we strongly advise that you keep your own record at the moving in stage.) The cost of compiling the inventory list is usually borne by the landlord. The charges for carrying out the inventory check-in and check-out are ordinarily shared between landlord and tenant if any cost occurs; where one party pays the check-in, the other pays the check-out fee. There are some exceptions, but these will be specified in the Tenancy Agreement.