Provisition of Certificates

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Gas Safety/PAT/PWI Service

We can arrange for EPC / Gas Safety Check / Portable Appliance Test / Periodical Wiring Test on behalf of Landlords.
Your Tenant must be provided with a copy of EPC and valid Gas Safety Certificate before they can move in.
For more details or bookings please contact Relo Redac Strattons Property Management Department.


The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998 place a statutory duty on all landlords of residential property to ensure that all gas appliances, pipework and flues are maintained to a safe regulated condition. All gas appliances and flues need to be checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer (previously CORGI-registered) and gas safety certificate issued before tenants move into a property and annually thereafter.


Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) give information on the energy efficiency of buildings. An EPC provides an Energy Performance rating on a sliding scale from 'A' to 'G' with 'A' being the most efficient and 'G' the least. It is a legal requirement and the landlord's responsibility to have a valid EPC for their property before it is put on the market. The purpose of an Energy Performance Certificate is to better inform any potential resident of the current energy efficiency rating of the property. This enables the resident to gauge what cost and bills they could expect for energy usage.


All electrical appliances and wiring in a property have the potential to cause electric shocks or present a fire hazard. Electrical appliance testing (PAT) and wiring inspections (PWI) ensure that electrical faults are identified, which means that potential hazards can be removed. Ensuring appliances are safe is a requirement of The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 and wiring safety is a requirement of The Electricity At Work Regulations 1989.

Single Price

A. Gas Safety £138
B. EPC £126
C. Portable Appliances Test * £138
D. Boiler Service £156
E. Periodical Wiring Inspection £276

All prices are inclusive to VAT

Combination Price

A + B Gas S & EPC £216
A + C Gas S & PAT * £228
A + D Gas S & Boiler S £234
A + C + D Gas S & PAT * & Boiler S £276
A + B + D Gas S & EPC & Boiler S £336

All prices are inclusive to VAT

* The cost of the Portable Appliance Test (£115) includes checks for up to 5 appliances. Each addtional appliance will be charged at £3.50
* Above prices include our non-management property handling fee.

image of Energy Performance Certificates